sicko, one of the greatest pop punk bands ever. lots of pop, and lots of punk. silly, fun, catchier than the crabs, check em out. this interview was done with Josh around April, 96

ANNOYANCE-i ask all bands i interview to draw a wombat, if you could do that either on paper or on the computer that would be rad and email or snail mail it to me.
JOSH- God, I'll have to find one to see what they actually look like.

ANNOYANCE so who is the monkey boy referred to by the title of your second lp?
JOSH- That's a quote from the movie The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai...I don't exactly remember who in the movie it's actually directed towards.

ANNOYANCE-what do you think of the current state of punk rock?
JOSH- It's okay, but you'll have to wait for my doctoral dissertation for the final word on that subject.

ANNOYANCE- white or yellow cheddar and why?
JOSH- Yellow...I have a feeling that's the way it's supposed to be colored; although now that I think about it, I think the white cheddars I've had were generally tastier than the yellows...hmm. But then, margarine is really white...when it first came out in the 50's, the butter lobby didn't let them sell it yellow, so they sold it white and included a little package of yellow coloring that the consumer was supposed to mix in. So maybe my beliefs about yellow cheese are entirely different from the objective facts of the situation. And I eat a lot of cheese...

ANNOYANCE- Who are the bigger computer geeks: you guys or the Wynona Riders?
JOSH- We are, because two of us in this band are computer geeks...that 66 and 2/3% compared to their one and maybe two out of 4...that's 50% at best. We win.

ANNOYANCE- what does not inspire you in life and music?
JOSH- Robin Leech

ANNOYANCE- what was the first record you bought?
JOSH- The soundtrack to the play Oliver. The first rock record was probably Beauty and the Beat by the Go Go's. And then it was on to METAL.

ANNOYANCE- who'd win in a fight, Metallica or Slayer?
JOSH- F*ckin, Slayer, dude...those guys rock!
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ANNOYANCE- well, i liked to chew it for a while, but i realized that probably isn't too good for ya, so i stopped.
JOSH- What are women's' leggings?

ANNOYANCE- anything filled with cheese is fine by me!
JOSH- Honey, what would you like for dinner?

ANNOYANCE- hhhmmmm, that is hard, i think i will have to go with my uncanny ability to make some kick-butt grilled cheese.
JOSH- How did you survive sixteen years on welfare?

OK, normal again....

ANNOYANCE- where the cats in the photo in your news letter harmed in the making of that photograph? looks like you dropped em or somethin'....
JOSH- No, they were unharmed and those photos have been certified by the ASPCA.

ANNOYANCE- is this dateless loser thing self-imposed to fit in with the pop-punk nerdy guy image? cuz just being snazzy dressers would get ya dates....
JOSH- Well, when Ean wrote the song he was genuinely a dateless it's a different story. He's associated. Denny and I really had nothing to do with it...

ANNOYANCE- what was the best toy you had as a kid?
JOSH- Well, it'd have to be the X-wing fighter. That was a classic. I also had a tie fighter and I still have my snow speeder.

ANNOYANCE- so who is T.F.L.? or what is it?
JOSH- They were a hardcore band from Spokane, stood for Totally F*ckin' Lit. All of their songs were about drinking.

ANNOYANCE-what are the greatest albums ever made?
JOSH- Sgt. Peppers, it all flows from there to Los Angeles by X and Let It Be by the Replacements. Perhaps detouring along the way to No Pocky For Kitty.

ANNOYANCE- Jello or pudding and why?
JOSH- Pudding...closer to ice cream and those jellos with the bits floating in it disgust never know what'll be in jello...uck.

ANNOYANCE- why do they call it head-cheese if it is not cheese at all?
JOSH- Ooh, it's cheesy, though...
ANNOYANCE- what are your plans for the future?
JOSH- Touring, playing.

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